Some Reflections on Magazine's Vision:
Envision a mission to promote a high performance culture in business education through the delivery of accurate and balanced information. Our goals that we like to ensure through publications are mainly focused on elevating quality; integrating academia and industry through collaborative inquiries to underscore best practices.These,in turn, set the pace to develop strategic landscape for foresight thinking, understanding and insightful learning for business schools, institutions and organizations to develop learning resources for further deliberations as well as modalities to sustain their competitiveness. The basic dilemma of modern age is how to transform subjective knowledge to attain fair degree of objectivity. In other words, it is integration of the both that the success of any business organization hinges. This magazine will also be an important platform for publishing case studies and practical projects. This way faculty and students as well as practitioners promote knowledge that is derived from experiences of organization and business practices, which should not be ignored being subjective. It rather provides valuable insights if intelligently being transformed by employing tools and techniques into objective construct through empirical verification. The aim is to enhance quality of learning and harnessing experiential education.


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