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Mentor Visit, University of Turbat, Turbat

CategoryMentor Visit
Date 31 08 2016 10:30
Place University of Turbat - Airport Rd, Turbat, Pakistan

Press Release: Mentor Visit- University of Turbat.

A mentor visit is the first step towards the accreditation process. A mentor visit is a simple one day visit by an evaluator of the NBEAC. The evaluator acts as a mentor for the mentor visit and helps and guides the university regarding the accreditation process.

 In this regard NBEAC conducted a successful mentor visit at the University of Turbat, Turbat on the 31st of August, 2016. 

The mentor visit team comprised of Dr. Farooq e Azam Cheema (Dean, Bahria University) and Mr. Ahtesham Ali Raja (Program Director- NBEAC). 


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  • 31 08 2016
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