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1st Organizing committee meeting at IBA, Karachi

 19 November 2014 09:00
Event from 19 November 2014 09:00 to 19 November 2014 15:00

Press Release: NBEAC-HEC invites Deans of Business Schools of Sindh at IBA, Karachi.

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The first organizing committee meeting for the 2nd Deans and Directors conference was successfully held at The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) City Campus, Karachi on Wednesday the 19th of November 2014.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Muhammad Nishat, Associate Dean, Institute of Business Administration (IBA) and Vice Chairman, NBEAC. Deans and Directors of Business Schools in the Sindh region were invited to participate in the organizing committee meeting.  The 2nd Deans and Directors Conference is scheduled to take place on 11th and 12th of February 2014. The Program Director, NBEAC Mr. Ahtesham Ali Raja gave a briefing about the themes, objectives and outcomes of the 1st Deans and Directors Conference and the challenges that were met.

Nine committees were constituted. These included organizing, financial and separate printing and publications committees. It was decided to review and refine the theme of the conference “Building Bridges and Fostering Collaborations in Business Education”.

The meeting ended with a very encouraging closing speech from Dr.Hasan Sohaib Murad, Chairman, NBEAC who participated through video conferencing from Lahore. He appreciated the healthy participation and strong representation from Karachi in the preparatory meeting and enlightened the participants on the success of the 1st Deans and Directors conference.

Dr. Hasan explained the reason for choosing Karachi for the 2nd D & D being its significant positon of having the substantial amount of premium Business Schools particularly the presence of the top Asian Business School, Institute of Business Administration (IBA).  He also talked about the the D & D conference as an opportunity and a platform for Business Schools to promote and present themselves to the industry and convince them to fill the gaps between academia and industry. With the supervision of IBA and partnership of all Business Schools D&D is bound to add value to Business Schools. Dr Hasan ended the note expecting that the conference at Karachi to be a successful one.

AddressInstitute of Business Administration - City Campus, Pedestrian Bridge IBA City Campus, Karachi, Pakistan



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