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Press-Release; 2nd Eligibility Screening Committee (ESC) Meeting Held on 21st April 2017

 21 April 2017 02:00

Press-Release; 2nd Eligibility Screening Committee (ESC)

Meeting Held on 21st April 2017

The Second Eligibility Screening Committee (ESC) meeting of National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC) was held on  April 21, 2017 at Lecture Hall, Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Muhammad Nishat (Vice Chairman, NBEAC).

The meeting commenced with Mr. Ahtesham Ali Raja (Program Director, NBEAC) welcoming the committee members. Ms. Sania Tufail (Program Manager, NBEAC) briefed the committee regarding the agenda items which were then discussed in detail by the committee. The committee members appreciated and acknowledged the efforts of the secretariat regarding desk review of registration applications.

The committee was presented with the registration applications and the initial desk review reports of 57 universities for the purpose of reviewing whether the universities were eligible to enter the next stage of Accreditation process.  Each committee member discussed ten applications along with the supporting documents which were shared with them in advance. Out of these, 07 cases were eligible to commence the self-assessment reports, whereas 08 cases were subject to the provision of documents.


Dr. Muhammad Nishat (Vice Chairman, NBEAC/Associate Dean IBA Karachi), Dr. Zahoor Hassan Syed (Professor, LUMS) and  Dr. Imran Wazir (Associate Professor, Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar) participated in the meeting through Video Conferencing facility while Dr. Sadia Nadeem (Director MARC, FAST School of Management, FAST nu, Islamabad), and Dr. Asfia Obaid (HoD, NUST Business School, Islamabad) were present at the lecture hall during the session. Mr. Ahtesham Ali Raja (Program Director, NBEAC), Ms. Sania Tufail (Program Manager, NBEAC), and Ms. Maryam Akhtar (Management Trainee, NBEAC) also participated through the whole session.


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