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CECOS University, Peshawar

Last Date 06 04 2016 08:00
Place CECOS University, Peshawar - Peshawar 25000, Pakistan

NBEAC Re-Visit: CECOS University Peshawar

NBEAC Peer Review team conducted a successful two day Revisit of CECOS University, Peshawar from 5th to 6th of April, 2016.  The visit started with a welcome meeting with the VC, Dean of the business School, HoD and others. This was followed by a briefing presentation and tour of the newly build Business School.

The objective of this visit was in-depth review  on the progress of the based on the previous accreditation visit in order to improve the Management Science department based upon the nine key standards of NBEAC.  The two day exhaustive review involved various discussions regarding the Self-Assessment report (SAR), various meetings and interviews with management, faculty, students, alumni, Industry representatives, support staff, and observing the course delivery methods.

The team consisted Dr. Sadia Nadeem, Associate Professor, FAST school of Management, FAST nu Islamabad, Dr. Mushtaq Ali Sajid, Dean, University of Management Sciences and IT, Kotli and Ms. Sania Tufail, Program Manager, NBEAC.

The detailed peer review report and accreditation decision will be communicated to the University after 17th Council in May 2016. 


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