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Iqra University Islamabad- Peer Review Visit

AIC Visits 
 09 December 2015 00:00
Iqra University   |   Islamabad , Pakistan

The Peer Review Visit of NBEAC was held at Iqra University, Islamabad from 7th to 9th of December 2015. The Peer Review team was given a very warm welcome by the University followed by brief discussions. A scheduled series of events took place on three consecutive days and a tour of the institute was given.

The main objectives of the visit were to review the compliance report (a) Self-Assessment Report (SAR) verification in light of the supporting documents (b) Infrastructure analysis and (c) Interviews with the faculty, students, administrative staff and Alumni.

Six discussion sessions were held on the first day. The senior faculty members have participated throughout the sessions.  Day 01 ended after an informal discussion with Alumni.  The students and faculty feedback was collected during the team visits at the classes and also while taking interviews. The recommendations/observations to improve the department was based on the Self-Assessment report and gap analysis during the onsite visit.

The Peer Review team consisted of Dr., SZABIST Zaki Rashidi, Professor Karachi, Dr. Kumail Abbas Rizvi, Associate Professor, Lahore School of Economics, Syed Muhammad Shoaib Wasim, Assistant Professor, Management Science Department, Bahria University Karachi Campus, Mr. Ahtesham Ali Raja, Program Director, NBEAC and Ms. Nomeeta Maqsood, IT Officer, NBEAC, Islamabad and Industry Representative Dr. M. Younis, Financial Analyst, Bahria Town.

Verbal feedback was provided at the end of the visit. 

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