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Isra University, Hyderabad

AIC Visits 
 07 November 2015 00:00
Isra University, Hyderabad   |   Hyderabad, Pakistan

Isra University Hyderabad- Re-Accreditation Visit.


NBEAC-National Business Accreditation Council is a fast growing accreditation body developed for recognizing Business Studies in the country. It is a very essential part as far as the development of higher education sector is concerned.


In regard to this, NBEAC completed a successful re-accreditation visit at the Isra University, Hyderabad on 5th, 6th and 7th of November 2015. The team was given a very warm welcome by the University.


The team was led by Dr. Sadia Nadeem, Director MARC, FAST School of Management, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad, Dr. Irfan Hyder, Dean College of Business Management, Institute of Business Management, Karachi, Dr. Muhammad Abrar, Assistant Professor, NTU Faisalabad, Ms. Sania Tufail, Program Manager, NBEAC and Mr. Sartaj Abbasi, Executive Director, Roots Work Foundation, Hyderabad

The main objectives of the visit were (a) Self-Assessment Report (SAR) verification in light of the supporting documents (b) Infrastructure analysis and (c) Interviews with the faculty, students, administrative staff and Alumni.

A verbal feedback was provided at the end of the visit. A detailed report along with the accreditation decision will be communicated to the university in December 2015 after the meeting of the Council.






AddressIsra University, N-5, Pakistan



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  • 07 November 2015
  • 06 November 2015
  • 05 November 2015
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