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IBA, Karachi

AIC Visits 
 20 December 2014 09:00
Event from 18 December 2014 09:00 to 20 December 2014 15:00

Press Release- Peer Review Visit

Institute of Business Administration IBA Karachi

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18th to 20th December, 2014

Faculty members are grouped to develop the “Strategy 2020”, informed by Dr. Ishrat Hussain during the 41st peer review visit of NBEAC held at IBA Karachi from 18th to 20th December. During the meeting, he shared the revamping process of MBA at IBA. He also claimed that strategic plans are not only developed but also achieved at IBA.

The three pillars of strategic plan:

(a) Faculty Development

(b) Physical Infrastructure and IT up gradation and

(c) Community Outreach were also discussed in detail.

The comprehensive discussion sessions were held on the NBEAC standards. Chair of the committee, Dr. Rasheed Kausar (Pro rector, University of Management & Technology) commenced the session by appreciating IBA, NBEAC and the accreditation process. He said that it’s a mutual learning process for PRT and Business Schools rather than evaluation or inspection. Dr. Nishat Associate Dean, IBA Karachi endorsed the message given by Dr. Kausar.

Dr. Shaukat Brah and Dr. Sadia Nadeem, Associate Professor, FAST school of Management, FAST nu, Islamabad has shared their experiences and make recommendations to augment the quality of the Business Schools. It was agreed that Creation of Knowledge should be an integral part of top class institutes like IBA, Karachi. Mr. Salauddin, Executive Director, Management Association of Pakistan has participated as Industry expert and Ms. Sania Tufail, Program Manager NBEAC was also in the team to assist PRT.

The verbal feedback was provided at the end of visit. However, a detailed report along with the accreditation decision will be communicated to the Institute in January 2015 after the 13th meeting of the Council. 

AddressInstitute of Business Administration, University of Karachi, KU Circular Road, Karachi 75270, Pakistan



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