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Workshop Proceedings -“Strategic Planning of a Business School”

 29 04 2017 09:00
2 Day Workshop on “Strategic Planning of a Business School”   |   Islamabad , Pakistan

Press Release

NBEAC Workshop

Strategic Planning of a Business School 28th -29th of April 2017

Islamabad, April 28th- 29th 2017  Two of Pakistan’s academia’s best-known business experts, Dr. Syed Zahoor Hassan (Professor, Lahore University of Management Sciences) & Dr. Shaukat Brah (Former Rector and Dean, Karachi School of Business and Leadership (SBL)) conducted a workshop in collaboration with the National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC) on “Strategic Planning of a Business School” on the 28th and 29th of April 2017.

The two day workshop was attended by 43 registered participants including mostly the deans, department chairs and degree programs directors from accredited business schools having W and X category.

 The only workshop of its kind was designed to help NBEAC accredited business schools understand the essence of a locally and globally competitive marketplace. The procedure assisted the institutions to build a strong understanding of the key business and management principles. As well as provided the business schools with an understanding about the process to help them develop rigorous, relevant, rewarding and competitive degree programs, executive education courses, research, consulting, linkages and community outreach enterprises. The two day academic and motivational workshop consisted of a group activity which took place on the first day where groups were made with regard to the session “SWOT and Competitive analysis”. Participants had a brainstorming session and listed down their Business Schools Strengths, Weaknesses, and Opportunities & Threats and carried out a brief competitive analysis. This was followed by brief presentations.

Other significant sessions of the workshop were based on “Planning for People, Processes, Priorities and Progress”. Dr. Zahoor and Dr. Shaukat provided the participants with thought provoking examples and enhanced their knowledge regarding the importance of the planning process. Moreover, “Metrics and Strategies of a Business School” was also discussed in great detail and Dr Shaukat Brah and Dr. Zahoor provided useful insights to the participants.

The second day of the workshop started with a session “The Business School Ethics, Social Responsibilities and Decision Making". Dr. Syed Zahoor Hassan explained the importance and relevance of business school ethics, the significance of social responsibility and the decision making process. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Zahoor also quoted Bulleh Shah while discussing the importance of ethics.

bulleh shah

Dr. Shaukat Brah speaking on the occasion said “If you want to excel you have to open up for feedback. Openness is the way forward".

“Accreditation and Re-Accreditation Process of NBEAC” another session of the workshop focused on the processes of NBEAC in comparison to international practices as well as the role NBEAC is playing being a business education accrediting body. Dr. Shaukat Brah explained the NBEAC accreditation process in detail. Finally session 3 of day 2 was on “Business School Strategic Plans” in which Dr. Mohammad Kamran Mumtaz from IBA Karachi and Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder from IoBM Karachi presented sample strategic plans of their institutes and concluded by sharing his thoughts by quoting Iqbal:


Finally the concluding session was closed by Dr. Zahoor and Dr. Shaukat Brah who not only revised the concepts and discussions of the two day workshop but also gave some valuable and encouraging suggestions to the participants.

Participants also shared and suggested the topics of future workshop i.e. Research, How do you connect with community & industry? How to manage human resource in academia? Leadership program for VC’s / Deans, Governance, Curriculum towards Assurance of Learning (AOL), Policy document development etc.

The participants involved were very satisfied about the training workshop, recognizing that the knowledge acquired will be instrumental for future strategic planning activities at all levels, to ensure that their voice will be heard and included in designing policies on better strategic planning that will help business schools in Pakistan.

NBEAC strongly believes that the knowledge shared by the worthy trainers, Dr. Zahoor Hassan Syed and Dr. Shaukat Brah during the workshop will help immensely in the development of Business Schools and eventually translate into better strategic planning.

AddressHotel Margala, M2 near Convention Centre Islamabad, Pakistan, Kashmir Hwy, Islamabad, Pakistan



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