5th Annual Conference of AMDIP

Date: 2015-11-20 08:00 - 2015-11-22 05:00

Venue: Lahore School of Economics, Barki Road, Lahore 54000, Pakistan  |  City: Lahore, Pakistan

5th Annual Conference of Association of Management Development Institutions of Pakistan (AMDIP) will be held in the Lahore School on November 20th to November 22nd 2015 in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). The Theme of the conference will be “Management Challenges and Business Transformation” with the sole purpose of providing a specialized forum for the dissemination of qualitative and quantitative research with the aim of bridging the gap between academics and business practices.
AMDIP, HEC and the Lahore School of Economics invite researchers, policy makers, analysts and practitioners to submit competitive theoretical and empirical papers as well as technical notes that explore and contribute to the understanding of various areas in business and management practices. The conference is expected to be a forum of communication for academics, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in the areas of Management challenges, Business Practices and Transformational strategies. There will be multiple sessions in the conference to discuss these issues at length.
The deadline for the submission of title and short abstract (not more than 350 words)
Conference Dates November 20th to 22nd 2015
Submission Deadlines Abstract: July 30th, 2015 Paper: September 30th, 2015
Lahore School of Economics Main Campus, Intersection Main Boulevard Phase VI DHA and BurkiRoad, Burki53200, Lahore, Pakistan
The deadline for the submission of title and short abstract (not more than 350 words) is July 30th 2015. Complete papers can be submitted by September 30th 2015. The results of the peer review for selection of papers will be communicated by October 30th 2015.
The abstracts and complete papers can be submitted on the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conference Tracks - Finance and Accounting

Global Finance, Capital Markets, Investment Opportunities and Valuation Practices in Pakistan. 

Academic and Professional papers are invited to address broader issues in financial markets including functionality and governance of capital markets, industry ethics, mutual funds, portfolio management practices, investment strategies (including alternate investments), asset pricing, kurtosis and tail risks, as well as Buy and Sell side valuations. The session is also targeted to address the hurdles of raising capital through initial and seasoned public offerings. This also includes the challenges and issues in “Valuation of SOEs in Pakistan”? e.g. OGDCL, PIA, Pakistan Steel, Railways etc. Lastly, papers on issues in global finance and their spill over to emerging markets and notably Pakistan owing to excess liquidity will be of interest as this dimension will affect capital flows, long-term interest rates, exchange rates, stock markets and economic activity in frontier markets including Pakistan. 

Corporate Financing, Financial Institutions, Instruments and their Relevance for a vibrant Financial System. 

The proposed topics include economic role, performance, governance, pitfalls in the development of bond markets in Pakistan e.g. PIB/ Municipal bond market and corporate bond market, risk management, regulatory environment of financial institutions, framework of Basel committee on banking supervision, issues pertaining to money markets, pricing of fixed income instruments, yield spreads, bond indexing, immunization and horizontal matching, concept and role of credit rating agencies for a resilient financial system. 

Regulatory Environment, Financial Reporting and Taxation Practices
The suggested topics include role financial reporting in capital markets, measures of financial reporting quality, emerging practices in corporate governance, relationship between financial reporting and corporate governance, the role of accounting controls, budgeting, cost accounting, and internal auditing in firms with different corporate governance environments, procedural justice/legitimacy in tax, the impact of tax on savings and investments, and taxation and the business strategy.

Conference Tracks - Management and Marketing 

Management can be defined as a way of achieving goals that add the most value. It’s about being sufficiently organized to identify the right goals and the best means for achieving them. Management is much more than what managers simply do to get work done through employees. Today, we can manage ourselves, our time and many other activities that don’t require one to have a formal managerial role or even to manage people. The management sessions will focus on various managerial aspects including; Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Strategic Management, Strategic Human Resource Management, Managing People and Organization, Managing Change, International Business, Management of Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Development, Management Science, Operations Management, Business Dynamics, Strategic Policy and Entrepreneurship, Managing Multinational Enterprise, Environmental Management, Public Institutions Management, Governance, Supply Chain Management, Hospitability Industry Management, Contemporary Issues in Management, and all other Management areas. 


The conference will promote discussion on marketing related issues currently being faced by Pakistani firms. These themes may include; Assessing Marketing 
Performance, International Marketing, Marketing Research, New Product Development, Marketing Strategy, Service Marketing, Merchandise Planning and Control, International Retaining, Buyer Behavior, Services Marketing, Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, Product Management and Planning, Integrated Marketing communications, Marketing Innovation and Planning, Delivering Customer Value, Direct Marketing, E-Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Retailing, Supply Chain Logistics, Customer Service and Customer Relations, Sales Strategies, Marketing Research, Marketing Data Analysis, Marketing and International Consumers, Marketing Theory, Marketing Case Studies, Contemporary Issues in Marketing, and all other market related topics. 

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Corporate Governance is concerned with holding the balance between economic and social goals and between individual and communal goals. Corporate social responsibility is concerned with treating the stakeholders of the firm ethically or in a socially responsible manner. There is an increasing advocacy of a broader and more inclusive concept of corporate governance that extends to corporate responsibility with a wider concept of stakeholders. Thus, for this track we welcome research on, but not limited to: Legal Regulations, Labor Market Conditions, Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance Corporate governance, Globalization, Environmental protection, Human rights, Employee protection, Social and environmental accounting, Corporate reporting, Sustainability 


Dr Ishrat Hussain 

President AMDIP

Director IBA Karachi


Dr Shahid Amjad

Chaudhry Rector

Lahore School of Economics.


Barki Rd
Lahore 54000, Pakistan




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