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Building Bridges and Fostering Collaborations in Business Education  


 Dinner held at IBA Main Campus on Monday, February 9th 2015.

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 Karachi, February 10-11: The 2nd NBEAC Deans And Directors Conference, organized by NBEAC and IBA, commenced at the IBA City Campus and continued at a Marriott hotel in Karachi. 

Opening remarks were given by Dr. Ishrat Husain, Dean and Director, IBA.

2nd Deans & Director Conference Inaugural held at IBA City Campus on Tueday, February 10th 2015. 

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Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC Islamabad, giving opening remarks at 2nd NBEAC Deans and Directors Conference 2015. 

The Conference “Building Bridges, Fostering Collaborations in Business Education” was a venue for experience sharing, based on the discussions & perspectives of business schools heads, industry professionals and entrepreneurs. The strategic conference provided a platform for the participants to share their experiences in establishing linkages and fruitful contributions made to the development of business education, industry and economy. Prominent speakers from around the globe and country shared ground breaking ideas. Challenges faced by business institutions in establishing and promoting linkages with other universities, local & national businesses, family & public corporate and SMEs at both national & international level were also addressed.

Eminent participants included: Dr. Ishrat Husain (Dean & Director, IBA), Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad (Chairman NBEAC), Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed (Chairman HEC, Islamabad), Dr. Sadia Nadeem (Associate Professor, Fast School of Management), Dr. Syed Zahoor Hassan (Professor, LUMS), Dr. Muhammad Mohsin (Director, Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar), Dr. Ehsan ul Haq (Dean, Suleman Dawood School of Business LUMS), Mr. Talib Karim (Rector, IoBM), Dr. Shaukat Brah (Ex-Dean, KSBL) and many more.

The two day conference amidst much anticipation began with an inaugural session at the IBA City Campus on 10th February. The session was opened by Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad, Chairman NBEAC, who welcomed the esteemed participants and said, ‘NBEAC, established by Higher Education Commission (HEC) in 2007 to assure quality in business education degree programs is an entity that is ensuring that the youth of Pakistan are receiving  a quality education and thus it’s fulfilling every parents desires as NBEAC is functioning as an accrediting authority to facilitate and enhance the quality of business education in the country.’  He also proudly announced that this year 105 registered business schools are participating in the 2nd NBEAC Deans & Directors Conference as compared to 86 participants in the 1st conference.

Addressing the audience, Dean & Director IBA Dr. Ishrat Husain said that the alliance between NBEAC & IBA for the Deans & Directors conference was a fruitful one and together the leading, national business school IBA and the National Business Education Accreditation Council will jointly play a role in enhancing the quality of business education in Pakistan. He further added, ‘It is said that in Pakistan beautiful plans are made but they are never executed but IBA firmly believes in bringing those plans to life and thus this NBEAC incentive is a step towards ensuring that quality education is being imparted to the students of Pakistan’.   

1st Day of Conference held at Marriott Hotel, Karachi on Tueday, February 10th 2015.

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Day 1, 1st session: ‘Academia & Corporate Linkages’ was chaired by Dr. Sadia Nadeem, Associate Professor, Fast School of Management, Islamabad. In this session, Dr. Sadia emphasized that to form significant linkages between the academia & the corporate world, more academics need to go and venture in to the corporate world as just sending out students to the corporate world is not enough to ensure cooperation and linkages between the two diverse worlds. She also said that the structure of the industry needs to be changed and internships for longer durations need to be inculcated in the degree programs. 

Dr. Syed Zahoor Hassan, Professor, LUMS, stated that key initiatives had been taken by different institutions to engage with the corporate industry and it should be noticed that every institution had their own creative way to engage with the industry. 

2nd Session: ‘Experience of International Linkages’, chaired by Dr. Muhammad Mohsin, Director, Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar, the speakers expressed their views that international linkages with foreign institutions and bodies were of greatest importance. Dr. Ehsan ul Haq, Dean, Suleman Dawood School of Business LUMS said that one of the reasons that LUMS has excelled is because it had foreign associations in form of its curriculum and in terms of it faculty. The speakers were unanimous that international linkages were crucial but Pakistani institutions faced problems getting foreign students as exchange students and foreign faculty to teach in Pakistan as people were fearful of the law and order situation. 

3rd Session: Developing Entrepreneurship’, chaired by Mr. Talib Karim, Rector, IoBM, Karachi, addressed the importance of developing the entrepreneurial mindset in Pakistan. The speakers emphasized that the spirit of entrepreneurship was of utmost importance for the local scenario as it will help provide jobs, which are a dire need for the country and the economy. 

2nd Day of Conference held at Marriott Hotel, Karachi on Wednesday, February 11th 2015.

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2 day 

Day two of the conference focused on ways to promote research collaborations and commercialization. Speaking on the topic of ‘Revamping Business Programs in Collaboration with the Business Industry’, Dr. Shaukat Brah, Ex-Dean, KSBL said, ‘We need visionary leaders, who will act as effective agents of change and are capable of taking ownership of organizations’. He also said, ‘We need to teach our students curriculums that are attuned to our local business environment and local economy. 

The conference also touched upon the corporate social responsibility and how important it is for businesses to give back to the society so that the community benefits and the country flourishes. 

Closing of Conference held at Marriott Hotel, Karachi on Wednesday, February 11th 2015.

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Closing the ceremony, Dr. Mansur Kundi (Executive Director, HEC, Islamabad) congratulated IBA for holding this conference and said it was much needed as, ‘The nations are built and destroyed in the classroom’. Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad, Chairman NBEAC, thanked all the participants for their valued contributions to the forum and emphasized that in order to promote quality business education all stakeholders need to converge, collaborate and cooperate.  

NBEAC: National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC) was established by Higher Education Commission (HEC) in 2007 to assure quality in business education degree programs. NBEAC is a national level accrediting authority to organize and carry out comprehensive program of accreditation.  

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