The NBEAC provides programmatic accreditation for the Business Schools that lead to degrees at undergraduate and graduate levels in Business Administration, Management Sciences, Public Administration and Commerce. A program to be included into the NBEAC scope of programmatic accreditation must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The institution offering the program is chartered by the federal or provincial government. Where multiple campuses exist within the framework of one institution, the NBEAC will determine which campuses may be included in a single accreditation review.
  • Sixty percent or more of the credit hours required for any major or specialization are in the traditional areas of business administration/public Administration/Commerce education
  • Mode of delivery of the programs must be traditional. However, online programs, distance learning programs, accelerated programs, and other programs delivered through nontraditional mode, will be included into the NBEAC scope at a later stage.
  • At least three batches of the programs accreditation applied for have already graduated.


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