Mission & Vision

NBEAC Vision Statement:

  • Enhancing Quality of Business Education

NBEAC Mission Statement:

  • Ensure member institutions surpass the minimum threshold requirements of accreditation of a business or business related degree program.
  • Provide training and support for enhancing the quality of accredited degree programs and employment prospects of graduates;
  • Build capacity for the faculty, staff and administrative support of member institutions.
  • To ensure that all management development institutions are embarked on a journey to continuously enhance quality of their people, processes, research and programs.
  • To serve as a platform for mutual sharing of experiences that contribute towards enhancing the quality of management education and industry practices in the country.


  • To assure quality in business administration/public administration/management sciences/ commerce degree programs in educational institutions.
  • Systematize and execute a comprehensive process of accreditation of degree programs, and assist and advise institutions in planning their academic programs.
  • To ensure maintenance of program quality and continuous improvement of all business programs of public/private sector Universities/DAI’s.
  • To ensure integrity in the representation of information about business programs.
  • To encourage research in disciplines mentioned under the scope of the NBEAC.
  • To publish the list of categorization of the degree programs.


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